Digital Media

Working with music on the computer has become very popular. Many tools and utilities are available on the Internet that allow you to utilize digital media in a variety of formats.

Media Players

These utilities allow you to listen to music and other media on your computer.

Winamp plays many audio formats, as well as video.
Windows Media Player
WMP comes pre-installed with Windows. It has many features, most of which are catered to Microsoft's proprietary formats.
VLC Media Player
VLC is a unique, Open Source (free) media player. It can open a large number of formats, including DVDs.

CD Utilities

Using a CD ripper, you can take the music from your CD collection and put it on your computer. This is handy for making backups as well as transferring music to a hardware player. With CD burning software you can put music from your computer onto a CD, allowing you to play it in a home or car CD player.

An Open Source (free) CD ripper.
Nero: Burning ROM is a high quality CD burning utility. It is capable of burning DVDs (if you have a DVD-R drive) as well as Video CDs.

Media Editing Utilities

Audacity is an Open Source (free) audio editor. It is capable of multi-track recording. Filters such as echo and noise reduction are included.
Open Source (free) video editor.