DSL Connection Problems

Use this guide to help troubleshoot your DSL connection.

  1. Try turning your computer and modem completely off for 30 seconds and starting again.
    • If your modem does not have an on/off switch, unplug it from the electrical wall outlet
    • Turn your modem on first and wait 15 seconds before turning on your computer
  1. Make sure your log in information is accurate.
    • Note: The username|password are case sensitive. Make sure that Caps Lock is OFF!
    • Forgot your password? Go to https://optigold.Kinex.net/ to reset it.
  1. Information can take up to 20 minutes to post in our system.
  1. If the lights on your modem are not steady:
    • Make sure your modem is not near or on top of other electrical devices such as speakers, your monitor, a halogen lamp, cordlessphone or the phone base.
    • Make sure DSL filters are applied to all phone jacks.
    • If you still can not connect, try disconnecting all other devices on the phone line.