Kinex Customer Support

The FasKinex Internet accelerator will speed up your Internet for any connection, allowing you to browse faster with no ads.

Download a copy for Windows here

Download a copy for Mac here

If you selected FasKinex when running the Kinex Install CD, the FasKinex install should automatically start for you.  When it initializes, you will see the FasKinex splash screen for a few moments.

You will then be presented with the FasKinex welcome screen.  Click Next.

You will then be presented with the Terms of Service.  You must click Accept to continue.

You will then be given installation options.  The defaults should be fine for most installations, simply click Next.


The installation will then begin, and a progress bar will be displayed.  There is nothing to do here.

You will receive an informational message if you use a browser other than Internet Explorer.  Please consult the Help files (Start > Programs > Kinex Networking Accelerator > Help) to configure proxy settings for alternate browsers.  Most users will just click OK to proceed.

Once the installation is finished, you may be asked to reboot your computer.  Click OK to reboot.

Once your computer reboots (if requested), you should have a new icon in your system tray.

This is the icon that will let you know the status of your accelerator.  It is suggested that you go ahead and connect to the Internet at this time.   As soon as you connect, a pop-up window will appear that will ask you for your username and password.  Enter it in for the accelerator to start working.  Once you enter the password and start browsing, you will see the icon turn into a double-arrow.

This means you are properly receiving acceleration.  You can left-click the icon to change acceleration settings, enable ad blocking and pop-up blocking.

It is suggested that you click the box labeled “Block banner ads and other in page advertisements”  If you feel that your image quality is not as good as you'd like, you can adjust that here as well.  Set the Acceleration to a lower setting to improve image quality by moving the slider up.

You can also turn on pop-up blocking by clicking the pop-up windows tab, then clicking the “block pop-up windows” radio button.  This will only block pop ups in Internet Explorer.